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Clean Wisconsin 2018 election files

UPDATE 12/06/2018. An error in the state senate district numbers has been fixed in both the reporting unit and results by senate district files.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission has published certified results for the 2018 general election. As of 12/4/2018, they have’t published results by different districts–e.g. vote for governor within congressional districts. I’ve cleaned and combined this data and am making it publicly available below.

The variables have descriptive names, like “sen_dem” for Democratic votes for senator. Here are the meanings of each prefix:

  • gov = Governor
  • sen = Senator
  • con = House of Representatives
  • wsa = Wisconsin State Assembly
  • wss = Wisconsin State Senate
  • wst = Wisconsin State Treasurer
  • sos = Secretary of State
  • ag = Attorney General

  1. In order to protect voter anonymity, Wisconsin allows local elections officials to combine wards with low population into “reporting units.” Reporting units are still required to lie entirely within all relevent political boundaries.

  2. [Update 12/5/2018] breakdowns are now available for all state senate districts.