How Milwaukee neighborhoods voted in 2018

Thu, Jan 10, 2019 3-minute read

Everyone knows Milwaukee is an overwhelmingly Democratic city. In last November’s race for governor, Tony Evers defeated Scott Walker 78% to 20% within city limits. But this statistic alone obscures two other facts. First, Democratic support is not evenly spread across the city, and second, lots of Republican voters still live within city limits.


Turnout also varied considerably. The lowest was 47% of registered voters in the Marquette neighborhood. That’s not particularly surprising given that most of the residents are students. The highest turnout (88%) came in the small, secluded neighborhood of Pigsville, which is tucked between Miller Park and Miller Valley. In general turnout was lower in poor neighborhoods and higher in the wealthier neighborhoods along the lakeshore to the east and the suburbs inland.

Turnout as a share of registered voters, November 2018

Figure 2: Turnout as a share of registered voters, November 2018

Results by neighborhood

Here’s a table with the election results for each neighborhood.