Neighborhoods where Milwaukee isn't segregated

Wed, Jun 17, 2020 18-minute read

Milwaukee’s pervasive segregation is infamous, but it doesn’t extend everywhere. Brown University’s American Communities Project ranked the metro in 2010 as 2nd in Black/white segregation, 13th in Latinx/white segregation, and 116th in Asian/white segregation. The metro area includes all of Milwaukee County plus neighboring, Ozaukee, Washington, and Waukesha counties, but the situation is scarcely better within city limits. In fact it’s worse for Latinx/white and Asian/white segregation. The City of Milwaukee ranked 10th in Black/white segregation, 8th in Latinx/white segregation, and 16th in Asian/white segregation.

Still, not all of Milwaukee’s neighborhoods are characterized by racial segregation. Among Milwaukee’s 181 neighborhoods with at least 100 residents, 72 have a (non-Latinx) Black majority, 70 have a (non-Latinx) white majority, 14 are majority Latinx (of any race), and 25 have no majority group. Between 4 and 5 percent of Milwaukee’s population is Asian, but Asian residents do not make up a majority of any individual neighborhood’s population. I calculated these statistics by (dis)aggregating data from the 2018 5-year American Community Survey into neighborhood boundaries using the methodology described here. Similarily, Piggsville (also called “The Valley”) has 36% Black residents, 34% white, 16% Latinx, and 11% Asian.[^1]

The 25 neighborhoods without a majority group are arranged in descending order by total population as follows: Kilbourn Town, Wilson Park, Merrill Park, Nash Park, Southpoint, Martin Drive, Granville Station, Calumet Farms, Bradley Estates, Riverton Heights, Alverno, Clock Tower Acres, Ridgeview, Parkway Hills, Little Menomonee Parkway, North Granville, Melody View, Harder’s Oaks, The Valley / Pigsville, Park Place, Mount Olivet, Dretzka Park, Estabrook Park, Pollber Heights, Mitchell Park.

The most integrated neighborhoods are Little Menomonee Parkway (on the Northwest side) and Piggsville (near Miller Park). The residents of Little Menomonee Parkway are 35% Black, 35% white, 15% Latinx, 8% something else, and 7% Asian.

The statistics for each neighborhood are presented in the table below.

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