Marriage and social class - it's about more than wages

The economist and blogger Noah Smith recently wrote an interesting column about social class in which he argued that Americans are more rigidly divided by class in our social lives than people in many other countries.

segregation and diversity vary across American metros

The graph below compares racial diversity and residential segregation in U.

Wisconsin Ecological Units - Land Type Associations

These maps shows Wisconsin divided into about 290 ecological units called “Land Type Associations,” which obtained from the Wisconsin DNR.

Biden wins a historic victory in Milwaukee County, driven by growing Democratic strength in the suburbs

Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris netted a larger number of votes than any other Democrat in Milwaukee County’s history.

Changes in Wisconsin voter registration from October 1 to November 1, 2020

The following tables compare voter registration totals from the Wisconsin Election Commission on October 1st and November 1st 2020.

Processing IPUMS-USA data for my income by gender and age RStudio Table Contest entry

The following R code processes 2014-18 ACS microdata retrieved from IPUMS-USA into the summary tables used to build my RStudio 2020 Table Contest entry.

Most common degrees by occupation

This table shows the share of workers in each occupational category with a bachelor’s degree, along with the top three most common degrees for each job.

An alternative way of mapping county-level data in Wisconsin

The basic flaw of choropleth maps is widely understood. Using land area to represent any other kind of data is inevitably going to leave some kind of misimpression.

The occupations of Wisconsin workers, 1960-2016

While working on an unrelated project, I downloaded over 19 million U.

Neighborhoods where Milwaukee isn't segregated

Milwaukee’s pervasive segregation is infamous, but it doesn’t extend everywhere.