Processing IPUMS-USA data for my income by gender and age RStudio Table Contest entry

The following R code processes 2014-18 ACS microdata retrieved from IPUMS-USA into the summary tables used to build my RStudio 2020 Table Contest entry.

Most common degrees by occupation

This table shows the share of workers in each occupational category with a bachelor’s degree, along with the top three most common degrees for each job.

An alternative way of mapping county-level data in Wisconsin

The basic flaw of choropleth maps is widely understood. Using land area to represent any other kind of data is inevitably going to leave some kind of misimpression.

The occupations of Wisconsin workers, 1960-2016

While working on an unrelated project, I downloaded over 19 million U.

Neighborhoods where Milwaukee isn't segregated

Milwaukee’s pervasive segregation is infamous, but it doesn’t extend everywhere.

America's largest trees

The largest tree of its species is called a “Champion Tree.

How to build a Tufte-style weather graph in R using ggplot2

This notebook contains all the code needed to create this graph.

Retrieving precipitation data from NOAA

This post details how to retrieve the daily precipitation data needed to create the graph demonstrated here.

Maps of average rainfall in hydrological basins

A good map has to balance competing objectives. It should be coherent at first glance but still complex enough to reward careful examination.

Common Milwaukee housing styles

This poster was created using data from the Milwaukee City Assessor’s Master Property File.