America's largest trees

The largest tree of its species is called a “Champion Tree.

How to build a Tufte-style weather graph in R using ggplot2

This notebook contains all the code needed to create this graph.

Retrieving precipitation data from NOAA

This post details how to retrieve the daily precipitation data needed to create the graph demonstrated here.

Maps of average rainfall in hydrological basins

A good map has to balance competing objectives. It should be coherent at first glance but still complex enough to reward careful examination.

Milwaukee's 2020 property assessments take their largest jump since 2006

The 2020 total value of Milwaukee’s tax base is $31.

Analysis of Milwaukee County's Spring 2020 Election

Election summary (winners in bold)

Introducing pollster, an R package for more convenient work with weighted survey data

My R package pollster is now available on CRAN. Lots of great R packages already exist for complex analysis of survey data.

How church attendance affects Trump support

Churchgoing Wisconsinites are more likely to approve of Trump’s job performance than their less observant peers.

A case study on the limitations of maps

The Milwaukee metro area is quite possibly the most politically segregated metropolis in the United States.

Books I read in 2019

Here are the books I read in 2019. Some years I read a lot of fiction, but for whatever reason this was a good year for nonfiction.