Postcards of past Milwaukees

I bought these postcards at a Milwaukee County Historical Society book sale.

Some graphs about wages

The following graphs explore wages at different levels of education in the United States.

The geography of American religion

Use this interactive application to build your own maps of American religious groups.

Some maps of religious denominations

These maps were made with data collected by the 2010 U.

The urban-rural continuum for all zip codes

I used the USDA’s RUCA codes to make this map.

Gas taxes vs fees: which costs more?

[Note: this post has been updated to fix an error.

Aquifer issues

The range of views held by the agenda-setting elites of both parties is, on some issues, much narrower than the range of views held by the general population.

Wisconsin elections dataset

Download an MCD-level dataset of every Wisconsin election for president, governor, and senate from 2000 to 2018 here.

McDonough County's dismal economic trajectory

The view from the back porch in Bardolph, IL. Photo credit: Elena Johnson.

The public opinion strategy behind Republican abortion rhetoric

Republicans appear to be making abortion a central political issue in the runup to the 2020 elections.